to all the homies in glasgow, at least you don’t live in america

not enough people are talking about how so obviously faked the ISIS beheading videos are can someone please fucking say something????????????????????????????????

like no seriously if you haven’t watched them yet, if you have eyes, i guarantee you’ll see how it’s fake

Modern Punk


"We’ll lately I’m sick of listening to modern punk and I’m sick of all these fucking kids I got to know. All these shitty kids I’m supposed to know. I’m trying, I’m trying to make it through Becks Mellow Gold. I’m trying hard but you don’t see me anymore and I don’t care about you anymore. Not at all."

After our government commits this next false flag attack, you can say goodbye to the little freedom you have left. They commit these acts of terror to push their agenda, it’s as simple as that. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it has been going on for hundreds of years. Don’t be shocked when we get attacked soon, you have no right to be, but you have a right to be angry. 

This country is only going to get worse. To people in New York and Las Vegas, be careful and remember, people from the middle east didn’t do it. The insane, rich, greedy, political elite did it.

this is on another level of unreal

my life has to be fake