How many times have we heard: “It’s simple!”. Nothing is simple. We live in a world where nothing is simple.
Each day, just when we think we have a handle on things, suddenly some new element is introduced and everything is complicated once again.

   - The Log Lady / Margaret Lanterman

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shelly from twin peaks is literally too beautiful lol

It really pisses me off how much dumbass Americans hate Muslims and consider all of them terrorists. That’s just fucking proof of conditioning in this country. There was a video of a bomb that went off in a group of Muslims during a funeral, there were dead people everywhere, people screaming and what not, and people were commenting saying “Good!” and “They deserve it!” -   Yes, because innocent people halfway across the world that constantly get bombs dropped around them and on them every day of their lives deserve that? Americans make me fucking sick. Our 9/11 is their 9/11 every day of their life. 

muslim stupid fucking americans

Avery and Luke and the audience share this one moment. They’re the only people that really know what happened in that moment … the way it gets spun is that Bradley becomes the hero. It’s not the way the story really happened, it’s the way the story’s told … We grow up in this world where everything’s heroes and villains and it’s just so black-and-white … but it’s so grey really and I wanted to just have that character be this guy who had this toxic shame that everyone else saw as a shining light and just see how that would erode somebody over time.

Derek Cianfrance

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best movie

next false flag coming to a city near you, better get out of the big cities!