Just think about it, you say one wrong word on the internet and the police will raid your house. Isn’t that scary? Not only will they illegally barge in your home with guns pointed at you, they may possibly even kill you, or throw a flashbang at your baby! 

Sadly, it’s not unrealistic for the police to just kill you for no apparent reason, it actually happens in this country! 

Land of the free! God bless America! Where you’re guilty until proven innocent and are told to shut up before you can even speak. 


chelsssssssssea replied to your post: i don’t wanna live in the US anymore, …

I’m feeling that I’m literally so scared here

I remember I saw something about this lady that left the US in like 2003 because she knew what it would become. Everything she said was pretty much spot on. We have an army as a police force and psychotic manipulators controlling what we think, feel, eat and drink. So, yeah, you should be scared! But there’s a lot worse brewin’ unfortunately. By 2020 I seriously wouldn’t doubt if the US became worse than North Korea, because we’re headed that way. Seriously need to get the fuck out of here before it’s too late, because eventually there will be no escaping :/


pretty sure i live in a backwards world

nothing makes sense and i always feel like im dreaming because everything that happens in my life is so unreal it’s hard to believe it’s actually real life

one day i swear i’m actually gonna go insane to the point where i jump off a bridge thinking im gonna wake up

i don’t wanna live in the US anymore, it’s literally hell. legit fuck this place. i needa get to canada asap before shit goes down here. 

"Our children are disconnecting with nature. By the time they are seven years old, most youngsters have been exposed to more than 20,000 advertisements. They can identify 200 corporate logos, but they cannot identify the trees growing in their front yards."
- Celeste Mary

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"The entire universe, or phenomenal world, is dualised Unity.
Thus to speak of Nature is to speak of duality, stability through equilibrium."
- Schwaller de Lubicz

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"A new study out of Maine suggests that residents across the New England state are regularly subjected to drinking water containing double the amount of fluoride considered to be dangerous by federal guidelines."

Although public treatment plants regularly add fluoride to water sources in order to prevent tooth decay, an abundance of the element can be enough to cause brittle bones or, according to some studies, decreased intelligence. In both China and Iran, for example, researchers have suggested that dangerously high levels of fluoride concentration are responsible for lower IQ scores.”

Wonderful! That sure explains a lot.

Fluoride in large amounts at once is toxic, so why wouldn’t little amounts be over the course of your lifetime? On top of that, fluoride is the hardest toxin to remove from water.

See, people like to call stuff like this a “conspiracy theory” but, unfortunately, it’s not. There’s a reason everyone’s so docile, non-resistant, unaware and zombified. 

If you wish to remove fluoride from water look into a Reverse Osmosis filter, there’s also a few other options, but they’re all pretty much expensive and heavy duty. No simple filter will remove fluoride, some might remove a little but definitely not all of it.


We were born unconditioned but we are taught to learn our position,in a system that destroys our recognition of self,so we grow suspicious of our true potential

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